First let me start off with, I treat every situation individually. Every horse does get
treated as if they were my very own. I am not like other barns, whereas I will do blanket
changes as needed throughout the seasons and go above and beyond for each horse.
If the horse has a minor cut, I will address it without being asked. If they flies are
bothering the horse I will fly spray them down. If the horse has special needs I will make
sure to help address them to the best of my ability. Horses that are being bothered by
the heat are sprayed down. I cool off the water troughs twice a day during the summer.
In the winter the water troughs have heaters to keep them from freezing. I keep a clean
and safe environment. I understand most of my boarders are first time horse owners
and teach the family everything they need to know about handling horses safely. I will
also help you choose the right items to buy that you may need!

Grain provided: Average grain is provided within $15-17 price point per 50lb
bag of grain. I will help decide which type of grain your horse should be on and
the right amount etc. Included in your board is 3qts twice a day of this grain. If
you need a special grain or more than 6qts total in a day, there will be an extra
charge for the difference.

Hay provided: There will always be enough hay for all the horses. Round bales
will be put in a protective hay hut to keep them dry and less messy! If hay is
being thrown by a square bale of hay, I will throw 2-3 laps of hay twice a day for
each horse. The hay will always be a good quality grass mix. Should your horse
require alfalfa hay, there will be an extra charge for the difference. This type of
hay is usually required for hard keepers or older horses.

Lessons: For every PAID lesson for ONE member of the household, that ONE
rider may join ONE already scheduled group lesson with the lesson fee waived.
This applies to you, if you are able to catch, groom, tack up, mount and ride
independently without hindering any other students.

Blanket and sheet changes: As if I was tending to my own horses I will change
winter blankets or summer fly sheets as needed.

Worming: With the owner provided wormers, I will go around and worm each
horse as needed.

Holding horses: For farrier, vet, and dentist appointments I will hold the horses
so the owners do not feel as though they MUST take a trip out. I help keep all the
horses on schedule for their routine care. I will schedule the appointments as
needed and let you know ahead of time an approximate cost and the date/time.

Water trough fill up and scrubbing: The water troughs need to be dumped and
scrubbed every few days to rid of the algae and gunk build up.

Manure management: The fields are drug with machinery to reduce the build up
of manure. In smaller fields I go around and manually pick up each pile every few
days-every day. If stalls are available they are mucked out daily if used.

Providing a safe living environment: Just about daily I go around the fields to
make sure they are sturdy, the electric wires are secure, no down trees/remove
down trees on the line. We also weed wack around the fields as needed to
reduce in pests, bugs, temptation of horses pushing on the fence, etc. The grass
along the property is always maintained for the same purposes.

Maintaining the riding ring: We ask boarders to help pick up the manure your
horse leaves in the ring while riding with the provided pitch fork and wagon. We
do also provide as much lighting as possible for evening riding, making sure the
arena fence is secure, etc. There are barrels, poles, jumps etc that boarders are
permitted to use. Just please clean them up when finished with them.

Maintaining the tack room & barn: Each boarder is provided a place to keep
your things and I do keep it organized! There is a trash can in a few places that I
take care of emptying. The barn aisle way is kept swept and clear. We ask that
boarders pick up their own manure in the barn, and clean up after yourselves.

Storage: There is plenty of saddle racks, hooks, cabinets, shelves etc to store all
of your belongings in an organized fashion. Each horse is provided with a Posie’s
tough-1 tote to borrow to store blankets, fly gear, cold gear, etc.

Maintaining the play area: At Posie’s we are always adding to a play yard for
the kids to play on when they’re at the farm. We will maintain the grounds, toys,
equipment etc. There is ample seating for spectators to watch riders in the arena.

Maintaining the bathrooms: There is a very clean porta potty at Posie’s
available for everyone to use. I keep it very fresh and clean. It is serviced once a
week as well by the company.

Stocking the stalls: All stalls have a feeder for grain, at least two water buckets
safely hung, and a hay manger. There is also stall snacks provided. Ample
bedding is laid down. *Applied if you have stall board!*

Trails off the property: At the new farm there are trails available right off the
property! I can take you out on the trails to show you the best ways. I will also be
working on maps to provide!

Ample parking maintained: There will be plenty of parking for everyone and we
will keep it clean and well maintained!