How long are lessons?

Lessons start with catching the horse and learning about basic care on the ground and how to tack up for a ride. Then we move on to a lesson in the saddle, the saddle time for hour lessons is usually 40-45 minutes and for half hour lessons it averages 20 minutes. We will conclude each lesson with taking the tack off, properly storing it, and caring for the horse to be put back out in the pasture. Every rider has different capabilities and depending on the age of the rider and rider’s level lessons can vary for in the saddle time.

What will I learn?

  • Each lesson experience will include every day basics on the proper way to be in the presence of horses.
  • Learning to catch a horse
  • How to put a halter and lead on
  • Where and how to tie the horse to get ready to ride
  • Putting the tack on safely and properly
  • Getting on the horse, and how to ride in the discipline you’d like to learn.
  • How to dismount, untack, care for the tack & horse after a ride
  • Leading a horse and put the horse back in the pasture
  • Barn and horses environment maintenance
  • Horse health, diet, body condition, routine care

Are the horses and ponies safe?

Absolutely! All the horses and ponies are evaluated thoroughly for behavior and level rider they’ll need to take. Riders are matched up to appropriate horses. Every precaution is taken to protect each rider and horse! 

How often are lessons?

Most riders take 1-2 lessons a week. If you need a different schedule we can certainly accommodate that for you!!

What will I need to bring with me?

All riders are required to wear a helmet, long pants, and the proper footwear!!! If you do not have a riding helmet, there are some at the barn we can provide you. Boots should be supportive and have a heel. For example: construction boots, cowboy boots, or English riding boots.

Are you insured and what is your experience?

Yes I am fully insured!! I have been giving lessons for a number of years, owning/riding horses my entire life, and have a teaching degree as well. I am a very well known, trusted and accomplished equestrian.