Leasing a Posie’s Pony

Leasing a Posie’s Pony is a way to get your feet wet before taking the plunge into horse ownership! It can be a great opportunity to learn a lot too! I continue to be responsible for the horses routine and yearly care and all medical expenses. Your only responsibility is your monthly lease fee and lesson costs.

What’s Included?

Visitation: You may come and visit your lease horse at any time and groom them, braid their hair, and spend time with them! They love all the attention and will really bond with you.

Dibs: The horse you are leasing will be your only lesson horse, and you will have first dibs to that horse for your scheduled lessons. If you are going to shows you have dibs to that horse to take.

Show dates: Leasers are provided with a tentative schedule of the shows we will be attending. They have the 2nd dibs (after boarders) to sign up for the show dates. Leasers are given two shows a month with the Show Hauling Fee waived (not the Show Instructor Fee). Horse will be trailered to the show, and a Posie’s Instructor’s assistance is readily available at the shows.

○ Show Fees: Please ask Miss Ashley for this current pricing!

Lessons: For every PAID lesson, leaser may jump into ONE already scheduled lesson with the fees waived. This applies to you, if you are able to catch, groom, tack up, mount and ride independently without hindering any other students. (Kind of like buy one get one!) However, a regularly scheduled and priced lesson is required at least 3 times a month to keep the learning going in a positive direction.

Trails: If you are independently ready, you may join us on our trail rides on occasion, supervised by a Posie’s trainer only!

Equipment: You are provided with grooming tools, riding tack, etc to lease your Posie’s Pony while you are in the process of purchasing/gathering your supplies!